Rob Gronkowski is not retiring, but will he re-sign with Buccaneers?


Rob Gronkowski is not done playing in the NFL, but he may not be back with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

After coming out of retirement to reunite with Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, tight end Rob Gronkowski is not ready to hang up the spikes again just yet.

Gronkowski is still in his early 30s and seems to be having an absolute blast not playing for the New England Patriots any more. If it were up to him he would re-up with the defending Super Bowl champions and play it year-by-year with the Buccaneers. However, he is entering free agency and that could be an issue on him returning to his new favorite team.

Is Rob Gronkowski really going to play anywhere else?

When Gronkowski briefly retired after winning Super Bowl 53 with the Patriots, he was very beat up after all the wear-and-tear of playing in New England. We also cannot overlook that Patriots head coach/de facto general manager Bill Belichick was thinking about trading him to Football Siberia better known as the Detroit Lions. No, Gronkowski was not having any of that at all.

So would Gronkowski sign elsewhere in his impending free agency? It really comes down to if he is willing to play somewhere else besides Tampa. He is a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and he does not need the money. Gronkowski may have a new love for the game of football, but that might have more to do with playing with his best bud Brady more than anything. He will re-up.

If Gronkowski is going to play football next year, it is almost certainly going to be with Tampa Bay.

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