Brett Favre sounds really thirsty for Aaron Rodgers to ask for his advice


Former Packers great Brett Favre would love to talk to Aaron Rodgers about the drama unfolding in Green Bay as the quarterback pushes for an exit.

Brett Favre doesn’t know exactly what Aaron Rodgers is so frustrated with, but the former Packers quarterback wants to get involved.

Favre appeared on the Wilde & Tausch show on ESPN Radio to weigh in on the dispute between Rodgers and Green Bay.

“If he said, ‘Do you mind if I pick your brain?’ I’d certainly love to talk to him,” Favre said, per Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Brett Favre would relish a chat with Aaron Rodgers on the Packers

Rodgers hadn’t reached out as of the interview, but Favre definitely has some opinions on the situation.

“I don’t know what Aaron’s beef is,” Favre said. “I find it hard to believe they’re at the odds they are presently over drafting a quarterback last year and not drafting a skill player to help him out.”

Favre thinks there’s more going on behind the scenes.

That’s certainly true, but it’s pretty clear Rodgers’ frustration is tied more to a series of decisions and slights, not one or two things. After all, it’s been reported the final straw for the quarterback was the release of a practice squad receiver.

As for what this all means for the future, Favre is “not very optimistic” for the Packers.

“I think I know Aaron fairly well, and honestly I just don’t see him coming back and saying, ‘All right, let’s bury the hatchet,” he said. “If there’s not a trade, my gut tells me he’d rather sit out than play.”

That’s what Favre did himself. It’s also what Carson Palmer pulled to get out of a bad situation with the Bengals. Both quarterbacks ultimately made it back into the league, Favre with the Jets and Palmer with the Raiders.

Rodgers is also reportedly considering retirement as an option if Green Bay is unwilling to move him on. Is that the advice Favre would give to Rodgers? Rodgers needs to ask first.

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