Antoine Winfield Jr. fined for mocking Tyreek Hill in Super Bowl 55


The NFL fined Antoine Winfield Jr. for giving Tyreek Hill the peace sign during Super Bowl 55.

Antoine Winfield Jr. just wanted to give peace a chance like Tyreek Hill, but got fined for the hand gesture in the aftermath of Super Bowl 55.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie defensive back made a crucial fourth-down stop on the Kansas City Chiefs superstar wide receiver. Winfield hit Hill with an incredibly petty peace sign. This is the same gesture Hill never gets fined for once he blows by a defender or special teams player en route to pay dirt. Fortunately, the $7,815 Winfield was fined by the NFL is chump change for him.

Antoine Winfield Jr. getting fined here is more excessive than the taunt itself

This is so stupid and there is no other way to look at it. Winfield should not pay this fine under any circumstances. Somebody within the Buccaneers organization should have the up-and-coming defensive star’s back. This is wishing well money for The Glazers. In fact, whoever ends up paying this fine to the NFL should do sow with multiple wheelbarrows full of 781,500 copper pennies.

Can you imagine an armada of wheelbarrows chock full of pennies rolling down Park Avenue like they own the place? I mean, in that moment, they absolutely would. If Winfield or the Buccaneers organization can create some kind of viral video content out of this, it would make my job even easier. I do not need a hat tip for this idea, but if you need a wheelbarrow pusher, I have got arms.

Everybody knows this was not a peace sign, but a V for victory, as in a Super Bowl 55 victory.

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