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Brekkott Chapman

Brekkott Chapman

American Forward Brekkott Chapman (206-F-96) put on an extraordinary performance in the last round for Wuerzburg, receiving a Interperformances Player of the Week award for round 13.
The 24-year old player had a double-double of 18 points and 10 rebounds, while his team beat Frankfurt (5-7) 80-72. The game rather meaningless between the teams, which do not have any influence on top of the standings. Wuerzburg is placed at 10th position in German BBL. Wuerzburg is a typical solid league team placed somewhere in the middle or a little bit lower in the standings. They need more victories to improve their 5-7 record. It’s Chapman’s second year at Wuerzburg and it’s hard to imagine this team without him. Brekkott Chapman averages this season 9.8ppg.

The second best player in last round’s games was 25-year old American Tai Odiase (206-F/C-95) of Goettingen. Odiase had a very good evening with 26 points and 7 rebounds. Bad luck as Goettingen lost that game 74-98 to the higher-ranked Ulm (#7, 7-5). This loss caused Goettingen to drop to 16th position in the standings. 9 lost games are too many comparing to just three victories Goettingen managed to get this year. Odiase is a newcomer at Goettingen, but is already one of team’s top players. He belongs to the best scorers in the league with 16.4ppg (#5). He also registered 6.4 boards per game.

Third on the list of top players last round was Croatian center Benedikt Turudic (207-C-97) of MBC (#8). Turudic scored 22 points and grabbed six rebounds. He was a key player of MBC, leading his team to a 104-91 easy win against the lower-ranked Braunschweig (#12, 4-6). The chances of MBC ranking at the top of the league, however are very questionable as they have already lost 7 games, recording just five victories. With bigger assistance of his teammates, Turudic could help MBC to bring them higher in the standings. Turudic has a very solid season. In 2 games in Germany he scored 14.5ppg. Benedikt Turudic has also German passport and can play in the league with a status of domestic player.

Other top performing players last week:
4. Derek Pardon (203-C-96) of Bayreuth – 15 points and 10 rebounds
5. Jean Salumu (193-SG-90) of Vechta – 26 points and 2 assists
6. Bazoumana Kone (193-G-93) of Braunschweig – 21 points and 4 rebounds
7. Michal Michalak (196-G/F-93) of MBC – 23 points and 6 rebounds
8. Marcus Thornton (193-G-93) of Chemnitz – 25 points and 2 rebounds
9. Cameron Hunt (192-G-97) of Wuerzburg – 23 points and 7 assists
10. Jordan Hulls (180-PG-90) of Ludwigsburg – 26 points and 2 assists

The Player of the week is selected based on efficiency calculation, but also including game result, importance of the game, if played recorded double-double/triple-double, etc.
The efficiency formula is a combination of various formulas used by different basketball organizations/leagues. We got involved many basketball scouts and journalists to assure it’s accuracy.
The formula: 1.5*PTS + 3* (REB+AST+ST+BL-TO) – 2*BSAG – 4*PF + 3*PFRV + 4* (2FGPM+3FGPM) + 1.5*FTM – 3* (2FGPA-2FGPM) – 3* (3FGPA-3FGPM) – (FTA-FTM)


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